Established July 2007, Reveolution Robotics, Inc. was started to pursue innovations and technlogies in robotics and surround fields. It has since grown to serve multiple industires including electronics, robotics, industrial automation, and IoT. The company is vertically intergrated with design, protoyping, and manufactuing capabilities in-house and focuses on providing premium engineering services and products built in the United State of America.

Our REVO badge is found across all our brands, products, and in many of the projects we've worked on. Our mark is our symbol of commitment to providing quality engineering.

Revolution Robotics operates under the following brands:

The company operates engineering services under the brand Revotics providing full design-house capabilities including electronic design, prototyping, fabrication, and manufacturing of electronics. Our extensive in-house fabrication capabilities include a SMT manufacturing line with fully automated pick and place, and CNC milling & laser cutting for plastics and metal parts production.

The Revotics team consists of electronic engineers, software developers, system integrators, and production staff.

  • Intergration capilities include controls engineering, sensor and data aggreation, and broad aspects of automation.
  • Electronics engineering capabilties cover a broad range including areas of power and battery electronics, motor and motion control, sensor interfacing, embedded controls, application processors and embeded gateways, and many other areas.
  • Designs capabilties also extend to software application development, computer vision, cloud and IoT infrastructure, and displays including touch control.

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REVOEDGE, LLC is an independent entity dedicated to the development and support of it's industrial platforms. The RE industrial platforms are for use across a variety of industries including: industrial automation, building automation, robotics, IoT, system integration and controls, remote data acqusition, and edge data procesisng & analytics.

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Revolution Robotics was originally founded to pursue robotics and AI. Take a look back in history at some of our first products including the REVO 1 robotics platform and find out more about our origins at: